Dear Learners,
This academy has been built with a single-minded focus of providing a learning platform which you can use extensively and at your convenient pace. It has been one of my wishes to contribute towards the society and the learning community through means of mitigating the learning related barriers which are faced by many people in our country.

I welcome you all to this portal and sincerely hope that many of you would utilize this learning portal to the best of your needs and enhance your knowledge in your relevant areas of study and profession. The academy has decided that as a part of its mission, it would open its portal by providing courseware for B.Com subjects. So anyone who is pursuing B.Com degree or who wants to brush up or revisit the Commerce Courseware for professional purpose or anyone who is a keen and a voracious learner can cherish the joy of learning by coming to the GOLD portal.

The study content would be provided in such a manner that you can refer to it as many times as you want. I also request you to use the portal for not only studying but also assessing yourself by giving the tests on a regular basis. They would give you an idea of where you stand and how much you have understood within a particular subject.

Our academy will continually strive to offer courseware for more subjects and improve the online portal to make the learning experience more and more enriching and useful to our learners.

Wish you a great journey ahead!

- Mr. Ravi Goyal

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