Kunjbihari S. Goyal Online Academy for Learning and Development
(GOLD Academy)

GOLD Academy is an initiative by Goyal Trust . It is a public charitable trusts which have decided to devote itself to the higher cause of disseminating academic content to the students from all over the country.

We are inaugurating our platform with our initial primary focus on offering online courses in the areas of Commerce. The current courses are beneficial to anyone who is pursuing a career or education in commerce, or even anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge in the areas connected to economics & accounting. The academy invites everyone to enroll on our platform and sincerely hopes that its users would benefit and learn effectively through our platform.

Goyal Online Academy of Learning & Development is born with the vision of providing online learning content to anyone located anywhere. The academy aspires to actively contribute to the society and the learning community through offering an engaging learning platform which is easily accessible, extremely affordable and convenient to use.
The academy has the vision to touch every mind that has aspirations to learn and be educated. The students in the remotest parts who are not well-connected to the ecosystem & strong networks of education can study on this platform. It is the academy's mission to overcome the learning barriers and challenges existing in various parts of the country, through its platform which can be used absolutely at the convenience of the learner.

Learning is absolutely easy here.
Search for any course that interests you. Simply choose the course on which you want to learn.
You can learn at your own pace. You can visit the courseware again and again to revise and strengthen your learning. The learning content and the comprehensive assessments on this platform will assist you in getting a good score in tests and exams at your learning institute.
Our courses are equivalent to the academic subjects. The learning content in a course is organized in the form of modules, which are equivalent to the chapters in the subjects. The assessments at the course level and also at the level of chapters would help you in assessing yourself and your performance in a better manner. You can test your knowledge at level of chapters and also test your overall knowledge at course level. If you are not satisfied with your score, give the test again for practicing.
You can refer to the courseware absolutely anytime.
So just enjoy this wonderful journey of learning.

The courseware is completely online. For the courses you enroll, the academy recommends you to follow the sequence of modules or chapters as provided in the course. And after studying the courseware diligently, you can take the timed assessments. Be honest to yourself and give the assessments only after you have done proper study of the module. You will immediately be informed of your score.
If you are not satisfied with your performance, we suggest that you once again go through the learning content and then take the module level tests again. Recapping the study material will strengthen your understanding of different concepts and help you in faring well.

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